I have been working with Cormac for 2 years and my progression has been exceptional.  He is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to read my body language when it comes to pushing through limits. I trust him to call the shots. A true professional.

Henreitta Torrance (25) Dropped 2 dress sizes, 7kg and 5% bodyfat.


When I started with my personal trainer, Cormac Bernie, my main motivation was weight loss, to get fit and be pushed to my limits.

Cormac educated me about the food choices I made, so together with the training sessions and correct nutrition, I lost 1.5 stones within 10 months and I could easy run 15K –  that it itself is incredible, but surprisingly my clothes have never fitted me better –  the day I became 50 my body was in better shape and better toned than when I was 30!

Cormac made me much more confident in challenging my body to reach the next goal which was to compete in the London Marathon. With the help of Cormac’s incredible coaching, training and teaching technique, I finished it in a very good time and trained again 3 days after!

Cormac is a trainer who doesn’t just give me a programme, he looks for precision in every movement to make sure I maximise my time in the gym and he provides a whole education about lifestyle choices outside my sessions.

To engage Cormac as my PT is one of the best investments I have made. I am in much better control of my food and my body and it is has changed my lifestyle forever.”

Berit Andersen (50) Lost 7kg and 6% body fat and completed a life-long goal of running a marathon at age 50.


I worked with Cormac for over a year and, in that time, exceeded all of my targets. I hugely enjoyed our sessions, which, given they were at 6.30am, is impressive! Working with him has had a lasting, positive effect not only on my gym attendance but also my eating habits as he is knowledgeable about nutrition and the importance of getting the balance right. He is encouraging and calm which was exactly what I needed and he will enable you to get results without yelling motivational nonsense in your ear every five seconds like some PTs! It was with regret that I had to stop working with him when I moved out of the area and I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Anna Keogh (28) Lost 8kg and 5% body fat.


The last 4 months I had Cormac as my personal trainer. I had a bit of knowledge about training but Cormac brought it to a different level.

I’m extremely proud having managed to lose about 20kg in just 4 months with Cormac’s hard but versatile and very professional training methods.

He also gave me lots of advice on dieting which is as important as the training itself. That was exactly what I needed to achieve my goal. I will recommend him highly to anyone who wants to reach new goals in fitness and a healthy life style.”

Daniel Margreiter (32) Lost 20kg in 4 months.


Many thanks for keeping me fit for all these years - it was no mean feat! You have kept me motivated and  I shall certainly continue with some sort of physical exercise. I will miss our sessions! I wish you the best for the future.” 

Philippe Galinier.


Cormac - Just to say thank you for all your encouragement, guidance & support over the years. It’s been great to see my strength and ability increase along with having my confidence grow in the gym - especially in the ‘testosterone’ weight section. I enjoyed it all!!”

Annabelle Hunting (32).


Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long. Believe it or not, I have some insight into how difficult I can be. Your patience and kindness has been hugely appreciated.” 

Chris Harris (36).


I just want to say a huge thank you for all of your amazing help and support over the past year. Through all of my whinging, water breaks, insults, hangovers, air conditioning compliants, Jeremy Kyle watching and hatred for the Reebok box. You’ve been seriously awesome and I really appreciate it!” 

Annabel Tregoning  (35) Lost 33 pounds in 6 months.